Playing With Your Tool (s)

I dated an older guy once who had his own  workshop and of course I couldn't name one tool by it's proper name and so he wanted to personally teach me.  He would take me to the basement and he would start kissing me, if I could not name a tool he held up he would take an article of clothing off my body.  Sometimes I would purposefully forget so he would molest me longer.  It always ended up with his large cock in my pussy and his favorite screwdriver handle in my ass.  Anal training at it's best!

Fruit Fucking Fetish?

My Cute Little Cunt has felt a variety of fruit.  My sexual curiosity could not resist trying to shove just about any large & Long specimen into my juicy pussy.   I really didn't think much about it until my psychology professor wanted to know about our classes sexual fetishes.  I had to stop and think for along time because....I have several naughty fetishes.  I was getting stressed about what to write and discuss.  BDSM, Domination, anal, spankings..... the possibilities were endless.  To make a long story short, my professor ended up fucking me with a banana and giving me an A+ 

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