Is Cock All About Taste?

It depends on who that cocks been fucking, sometimes I want my mouth stretched to it's limits and sometimes I just need a great face fucking. I want to choke down that cock and feel it slide down my throat. Most ladies can't do that. I love the smell of sweaty cock and balls just slapping against my face. Can You make me gag on your cock? Or do you have a teenie weenie cock ? I love all cock any shape and size cuz variety is the spice of life!

Family Couch

How many times have you masturbated on the couch. I can't even keep track of how many times I left my little wet spot and then see someone sit on it. hehehe I have seen daddy sniff my wet spots....mmmm, turns me on more.

Can't get enough

Shock value is priceless. What do you think my dad said when I went swimming in this?
He didn't say a damn thing except get a
What a fun night we had.

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