Glory Hole

My first experience with a glory hole was totally erotic.  My girlfriends invited me for a night out on the town and we ended up at what I thought was just a porn store. Me and my barely legal girlfriends go inside and browse the movies, toys and books.  Just as we were getting bored we seen a tall man enter a back room through a curtain.  We looked at each other and giggled and went through the curtain into a hall way with several booths.  We chose a booth and all stuffed in.  All of a sudden a cock came through a hole in the wall and we all giggled. My friend Cherri said she knew what to do... she saw it in a movie once.  She went down on her knees and started to lick the cock.  We heard a happy sigh on the other side of the wall as the cock started to swell. We all got on our knees and started fighting over the cock, licking and sucking like animals.  I knew he must be getting close and sucked on his cock really hard as he gushed his hot seed down my tight throat.  I swallowed it all and my girlfriends were so pissed that I did not share any jizz.  So I promised the next time I would share.

Fill my Fertile Womb

The thought of a huge cock stuffing my tiny cunt and filling me with baby Cum gets my clit rock hard. Bareback fucking with someone I don't know is so taboo. A long prick reaching the end of my cervix and spurting hot seed deep in my fertile womb is so erotic.  A fantasy of mine is to have a breeding party and have a bunch of white sugar daddies with one black dude with a python cock. Will you be my Phone sex sugar daddy?

Playing With Your Tool (s)

I dated an older guy once who had his own  workshop and of course I couldn't name one tool by it's proper name and so he wanted to personally teach me.  He would take me to the basement and he would start kissing me, if I could not name a tool he held up he would take an article of clothing off my body.  Sometimes I would purposefully forget so he would molest me longer.  It always ended up with his large cock in my pussy and his favorite screwdriver handle in my ass.  Anal training at it's best!

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