Shower HEAD Fun

I really really needed a hot shower today but I always get side tracked by the Shower HEAD.  It has all those pulsating selections on it and it ends up in my pussy giving me multiple orgasms.  The power of the water shooting deep into my pussy feels like buckets of hot cum feeling me up completely.  I always got into trouble when I lived at home.  I would take forever in the bathroom.  But it was fun knowing my brother was looking through the keyhole watching my every motion.  Naughty naughty ...oh the fun we had.

Flexible Mag Pie's Gspot

I love being able to bend and stretch to get all my favorite spots.  How many chicks do you know that are this good?  My G-spot loves to be man handled and milked of it's sweet nectar.  A nice long tongue to lap up all my juices as they flow from my sweet wet pussy.  Have you ever heard a woman gush from her g-spot?  It's fucking fantastic. 

Pussy Intoxication

Pussy Lickers are attracted to a smell that makes them dizzy with desire.  Is it Love or Lust when I spread my legs wide and a tongue dives deep and licks every soft tasty hidden crevice I hide. Not too many can hit my magic G-Spot and make me gush and gush.  Men and women guzzle my juices.  I should bottle those juices up and sell them at the grocery store....LOL 

Interracial Flavor

My dad would threaten for me not to bring a "brother" home, if u know what I mean.  He threatened to kick my ass.  So of course, the blond slut that I am was ever curious about this Interracial Taboo.  So then I obsessed myself with thinking about big black cocks and how they could stretch my little cunny to limits that I have never experienced before. Thinking about the thick white cum that would be dumped down my throat and dripping from my white pussy.  Being forced to submit my white ass to a large black cock at any time.  I'm dripping wet just thinking about.  Wanna hear about my first time with a long snake?

Squirting Good Time

My First Squirt was the most orgasmic experience ever.  I had already cum 3 times and was working on a 4th when my dildo tilted the right way and I milked my sweet spot til I saw stars.  I shot my juice so far I hit my little cat at the end of the bed and he went running.  I drenched my sheets to the mattress.  I freaked cuz my mom usually changed my sheets each week.  I had to totally make sure my mom did not find out.  But once I knew I could do it there was no stopping me.  I always made sure I had plenty of towels.  Then I got braver and would try different spots in the house and outside.  I'm a squirt-er and always will be.  Did you ever have a girl squirt for you? I guess Squirting is a fetish for me.

Panties or Thongs

Sometimes I just like to hang out in plain underwear.  I do love thongs and the way they rub on the crack of my ass.  Walking around with just undies is a big turn on for me.  Posing in front of the window when the postal worker drops the mail in....I just cover my mouth like a big whoops, but I know I just made his day.  Sometimes he hangs out at the mailbox hoping I would flash  I'm such an Exhibitionist & Voyeur 

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